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After the conscious uncoupling of the L (Dominique Lévy) and the M (Robert Mnuchin) in the L&M Arts partnership in 2012, Mnuchin was in want of a new partner, but not for long. Known for loyalty, he promoted his director of five years, Rajaratnam, and a smart move it was. The Sri Lankan-born, Cambridge-educated investment banker turned Christie’s researcher transitioned seamlessly into the art world and has demonstrated echoes of her boss’s astute instincts while cultivating a younger, more international clientele for their museum quality material. Credit her for the (very lucrative) decision to mount a tightly edited exhibition of Donald Judd’s stacks in the fall of 2013, and for the innovative partnership with Jack Shainman to present a dual location show of new work by El Anatsui this past fall.

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