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Mnuchin Gallery, New York will be hosting an exhibition “Cindy Sherman: Once Upon a Time, 1981 – 2011” from April 18 through June 10, 2017.


The exhibition presents the works of American photographer and film director Cindy Sherman (b.1954), marking her debut with the gallery. Known for her conceptual portraits, Cindy Sherman has played the role of both photographer and her own muse, creating groundbreaking works, which saw herself transforming with the aid of elaborate makeup, costumes and props. These works explore the nature of representation and the ways images of film, television and advertising influence common human perception of identity and the world. Featuring more than two dozen works spanning 30 years, the exhibition will focus on three of Sherman’s most acclaimed series - the ‘Centerfolds,’ the ‘History Portraits’ and the ‘Society Portraits.’ These portraits mine the stereotypes and genres of art history and mass media while drawing attention to the power structures that have shaped this imagery.

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