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Opening: Cindy Sherman at Mnuchin Gallery


A woman in high-waisted harem pants lies on the floor, propped against a chair, as though knocked over by someone. What is she doing there? And why is her expression so blank? Such are questions that surround Untitled #94 (1981), one of Cindy Sherman’s “Centerfold” photographs that, like so many of her other works, has no narrative but feels as if it should include a hidden story. This exhibition, titled “Cindy Sherman: Once Upon a Time, 1981–2011” and curated by Philippe Ségalot and Sukanya Rajaratnam, focuses on Sherman’s use of stories, or lack thereof, in her work. Featuring Sherman’s photographs of herself presented in the manner of clowns and high-society women, the show will include works from a series did for which she inserted herself into traditionally male art-historical images, in a sort of commentary on the conventional role of women in narratives.

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