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Modern Painters

ARTISTS: David Hammons, Donald Judd, Willem de Kooning, Mark Rothko, Cy Twombly.


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How did you get your start as a gallerist?

My passion for collecting transformed from buying to selling, but it started with a true passion for the works. Whether buying art as a collector or selling it as a dealer, you have to love it first and foremost.

How have you generally discovered new artists? Are there any new discoveries for the gallery whom you're especially excited about?

I keep my eyes and ears open, and sometimes you see an artist who sparks a particular interest. We recently had a show of Kazuo Shiraga that I was very excited about. While he's not a new artist, he was new to a majority of the American public. His works are as fresh today as the day they were painted.

What was your biggest show of the past year?

"Casting Modernity: Bronze in the XXth Century."

What's one show you loved in the past year at a gallery other than your own?

I really enjoyed "Richard Serra: Vertical and Horizontal Reversals" at David Zwirner.

What trend do you see happening in your region right now?

The continuation of Asian artist, both old and new, in gallery exhibitions and at auction. The art world is global, and I think that we'll be seeing a lot more in terms of international artists and buyers on the market.

What might you be doing if you weren't a gallerist?

I might be a landscape architect.

Name the last great book you read, art-related or otherwise.

Not the last, but a great book - De Kooning: An American Master. I had the opportunity to meet de Kooning in his studio when I was first beginning to collect and saw his works at the ground level. It was an amazing time for art in New York and for art history.

If cost were no object, what work of art would you have in your bedroom?

I'm pretty happy with what we have there now. I think we'l keep it.

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