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Disguises Aside, There’s No Mistaking Her

‘Cindy Sherman: Once Upon a Time, 1981-2011’ at Mnuchin Gallery

Compiled by Louis Lucero II


By now, there is no mistaking works by Cindy Sherman — her signature as both photographer and subject, her over-the-top outfits and constantly transforming face. But it is rare to see them gathered in one intimate space, as they now are at this 30-year retrospective at the Mnuchin Gallery, closing on Saturday.  The exhibition starts with Ms. Sherman’s “Centerfolds” series, which depicts women reclining, fully dressed, as they appear lost in thought. It continues with examples from her “History Portraits” series, pastiches of various historical styles in gilded frames, and with highlights from “Society Portraits,” featuring stereotypes of wealthy — and heavily accessorized — women in stately settings. -Robin Pogrebin

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